Thursday, October 16, 2014

STYLE: Furry Fall Wishlist

I know that in a couple of weeks I will curse myself for ever thinking of this, but I actually am somewhat excited for the cooler temperatures. Of course, not for the chapped skin and shriveled up cold feet (I hope I'm not the only one that happens to), but for the accessories! Seriously, there is no better season for accessories than A/W. The jewelry is sparkly, the scarves are chunky, and the textures are to die for.

One of the textures I'm most excited for is fur. It's such a controversial thing that some people aren't even willing to wear faux fur, but I am all about it. Hoods, scarves, mittens, throws, name it, I probably want it. Naturally I've been scouring the Internet for my favorite accessories.

Are you looking forward to fur/faux fur? Are you anti-fur? Enjoy!
xo, Katie

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BEAUTY: Wallgreens Drugstore Haul // Skin & Beauty

Lately I've been having somewhat of a small battle with my skin...and my small battle I mean "Should-I-even-go-out-in-public-or-just-cry-in-bed-all-day?" So a trip to the drugstore was in order. Of course while I was there, I found a few extras, and a few extra dollars later I walked out with this happy little bundle.

I will of course be doing a full review on all of these products in the coming weeks, but for now here is a little peek inside my spending habits. These pouches were on sale 3 for $4, and I've easily gotten two uses out of the Calming Mask. Definitely worth it, and I can't wait to do a review on these once I've tried them all.

Before I get a lecture about the horrors of pore strips- I DON'T CARE. It's just so disgustingly satisfying to pull all the dirt and oil out of those nose pores. Plus this charcoal mask was 50% off since I bought another Biore product. Check back for a review later this week! I have very confused emotions about it.

Lastly, these were the fun parts. I needed a new mascara and I've been desperate to try a new BB Cream. Sadly, I haven't had the chance to properly review the BB Cream since I grabbed the medium shade instead of light, but watch for reviews! The lipstick probably will just get a shoutout at some point, but the rest will have proper posts just as soon as the photos are taken. 

Have you tried anything new in the skin care department lately? Have there been any amazing offers you just couldn't walk past? We all know I'm a sucker for a good coupon. 
xx, Katie

Monday, September 29, 2014

LIFE: Happy National Coffee Day!

It is certainly no surprise that I am something of a coffee addict. I mean, college + fashion + journalism + blogging = most stereotypical coffee drinker ever. Naturally,  I've spent the entire day looking up coffee themed products, and here are some of the ones that have tested my self control to it's absolute limits. You can thank me later, bank account.

This is the perfect little print to educate those less knowledgable.

If I could have a case with my name + coffee + a pumpkin I would be the most basic white girl ever. And not even care.

Yup, no reason to not want this one.

This is the perfect sleep shirt or lazy day outfit tee. It even says so right on the shirt.

Equally as perfect.

Seth doesn't even like coffee, but he knows how much I do, so this would be perfect to hand to him on our anniversary.

Don't mind if I do. What's your favorite coffee drink? Or do you prefer tea?
Enjoy the day everyone, and drink a cup or two for me! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

STYLE: Varsity Team

Dress- Forever21 | Jacket-Express | Watch- Thrifted | Necklace- Forever21 | Shoes- Lucky Brand 

This is one of those outfits that I just threw two things together and said "ok, well, I guess this is what I'm wearing today" because I looked at the clock and realized I was already running late. Then when I walked into the office, Mary (my so lovely and talented photographer) asked me "So we're taking blog pictures today?" So if you've ever wondered if I really dress like I do in my pictures, the answer is yup, because sometimes I don't even plan on taking pictures and they still somehow end up on here.
xoxo, Katie

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

STYLE: Tough Girl

Jacket- Forever21 (similar) | Tshirt- PINK | Jeans- Hollister (old) | Boots- Lands' End (similar) | Flannel- American Eagle (old)

Somehow, I seem to have landed in a time warp where everything is a complete whirlwind, I have no idea what is going on, and suddenly a month has gone by and it seems like all I did was blink.

Seriously, people, that has been my past month.

While this blog has been sitting lonely and vacant, collecting cobwebs and floating around in the internet, I have been (somehow) surviving my last first month of school. Ever. I actually have no control over my life at this point it feels like, and while so many wonderful things are happening, it is also happening frighteningly fast.

I've taken up a job as the Opinions Editor at my school's newspaper (which you'll be extremely familiar with if you read Elana's blog, Room-334), taken on the (nearly) impossible task of resurecting the dying fashion club on campus, continued to write for CollegeFashionista, and still maintain some semblence of a social life through Seth and my friends.

Can you see why I've gone a little crazy?

So please forgive me that I haven't spent time on my creative outlets, because I haven't even truly had time to breathe, let alone take outfit picture and write a blog post about it. However, now that things are settling into more of a routine, I think I can start to dust off my keyboard and slowly start relearning how to write a blog post.

Because clearly I'm just typing anything that comes into my head at this point in hopes that it at least appears that I know what I'm doing.
xoxo, Katie

Saturday, August 23, 2014

STYLE: Lands' End Haul

It is undeniable that one of the best parts about working in fashion is getting a discount on all the clothes you were going to buy anyway. I mean, apart from the fact that you're doing something you love every day...disclaimer: no one go into the fashion industry just for discounted things. It's not really that big of a deal.

But actually it is.

So anyway, since my internship ended on Wednesday (see some of my tweets about it on Twitter or view my farewell blog post here), I spent the week prior finding anything and everything I felt that I needed before I left. Most of the items there tend to skew a little older (and by that I mean 35+) but there are quite a few classic things that never go out of style, regardless of age. Take the puffer vest above. It's technically a "uniform" piece, but who doesn't love a good down vest to throw over a sweater on chilly fall nights? It's going to be absolutely perfect. 

Another easy item was the pair of flip flops. They were on super clearance as all the fall collection items have already gone online, but a pair of tan leather and gold flip flops are going to be perfect for any summer. I've already worn them a couple of times, and they do rub a bit if you're going to be doing any long haul walking, but they're perfect for when you want a laid back sandal. I used to just go crazy and buy 10 pairs of $1 flip flops at the Old Navy sale, but by next summer I'll be 22 and out of college (as if that is so old) and I feel like I need to at least own a pair of nice flip flops that don't reflect the dirt cheap price. 
Moving on to something a little more seasonably appropriate, this pair of suede booties could not be passed up. These aren't something I would usually pick up, I don't have the money to spring for the full priced version (even though the quality is completely worth it), but these were actually a pair that they used for a photo shoot so their price was majorly discounted! Some people might be weirded out by wearing shoes someone else has already worn, but my theory is that if a model wore them, then I'll look more model-esque by virtue of having the same pair. This somewhat flawed logic is also supported by the fact that I'm 100% certain she didn't wear them for more than a couple hours. So whichever camp of logic you fall into, it's a win.
And my last, and potentially favorite, purchase is this adorable iPad case. Some of you who follow me on Twitter might already know that last semester I won an iPad through a contest at school, and I've been avoiding carrying it anywhere because I hadn't found a case I really cared much for. I don't like cases that make things significantly heavier, but also wanted something that would protect the front and back panels. Voila! This hilariously adorable penguin case pretty well just fell into my lap, so I couldn't pass it up. The materials are a little heavy for the summer months, but come October the velour backing and thick stitch front will fit quite nicely into a brown leather handbag.

That is all I have to show for my shopping trip through the company, but not for a lack of findings. I just knew I wouldn't have too much space in my car to pack much else. Either way, I'm quite pleased with what I have, and I'll be repping Lands' End across campus this year, that is for sure!
xoxo, Katie

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

STYLE: The Big Game

I would be hard pressed to be able to count the number of times the start of the football season will soon be upon us. Little did I know when I attached myself to my boyfriend how intense his love for Bears football would be, but it didn't take THAT long for me to catch the bug a little bit (ok, it's taken me almost a year, but common, you can't expect too much out of me). When Fanatics emailed me asking me to create a game day outfit for my favorite football team, I knew immediately that I had to do a good job. I would be disowned and left out of all the good game day food if I didn't do the jersey justice. Hopefully this outfit will do the team proud.

Thankfully I wasn't forced to work with a men's jersey (there is literally no flattering way for a woman to wear one of those...unless it doesn't involve pants), but even with the updated women's cut I wanted to take it a step further. A toned down pair of camo pants in a super skinny fit are feminine, but still mean business, and a pair of orange sneakers were literally the perfect fit. Let's be real, ladies, no matter how sexy you look in those heels, they just aren't going to end well after those beers at the tailgate. Adding a white leather jacket might seem a little risky, but getting one for $30 from H&M will mean that it wipes clean and won't be a tragedy if it collects a little hot dog mustard.

Probably my favorite piece from this outfit is the Alex and Ani bangle. Ever since I saw some of my fellow interns wearing all of their different versions, I've been dying to get my hands on a couple. This Bears version is one I might just be able to talk my boyfriend into buying for me...

All in all, I'm actually dying to buy this outfit now. Hang out with the guys, but still look like a girl with minimal effort and maximum comfort. What do you wear on game days?
xoxo, Katie
Disclaimer: No compensation has been provided for this post.